Weekend in France

Ok so this isn’t technically anything to do with software engineering or woodworking, but I thought I’d write about it anyway. Last weekend I went to France for my brother’s stag weekend. Nine guys in a few gites, loads of booze and some silly games – it made for a pretty entertaining weekend. We did even manage some wine tasting to make it worth the 900 mile round trip!
The weather wasn’t that great, but we did manage to spend some time in the pool, and outside generally whenever the sun was shining. For the rest of the time we were inside playing a mixture of Wii Sports/Mariokart. Zombie Flux and the runaway favourite… Munchkin. For those who are even slightly inclined towards roleplay you should check it out, to those that aren’t, well you might like it anyway.

But please, for your own sanity do not attempt to play with more than six people, and even at six make sure you’re in for the long haul… some of the games went on for *hours*. Of course the best game by far was one that I won relatively quickly, despite being hideously behind, everyone else on 8/9 and me on 6, I managed to come through to victory in a single turn and left no room for anyone to block me… divine intervention is a fabulous card 😉

Funny moment of the weekend was my brother walking up to a vineyard owner sand saying ‘the digestion’ rather than ‘Dégustation’ which is the french word for tasting. The lady looked quite bemused and pointed to her stomach, before someone slightly more capable took over the communcations 😉

The one thing I noticed the most coming back (aside from it being a really long way) was that we have a *lot* more cars on the road in the UK than in France, it was so much busier on the English leg of the journey than anywhere in the 350 ish miles we drove through France.

All in all I’m inspired to try and learn more French and go back later in the year, though perhaps for slightly less serious drinking than was done this weekend…

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