The high street ‘experience’

Why do I still bother with real, physical shopping trips??For some reason part of my brain thinks it will be good, that I’ll be able to get what I want, and have it now, not in a few days waiting for delivery.

But then I go, and I am reminded what a waste of time it is…
Firstly it’s busy…really busy, everywhere.
Second is endless walking with few places to sit, and crazy drinks prices.
Then there is the price! I came out today in search of a windscreen mount for my N810, I figured the Nokia shop was a good bet to get the official Nokia mount kit..
But the Nokia shop is no more… in its place a generic phone no joy.
Then I went to Maplins, which is fun, and whilst they had plenty of options, I couldn’t figure out from the catalogue if they’d fit with what I’ve got.
Then I tried an o2 store, amongst the accessories behind the counter was the hh-12 and crb-39 kit, which would give me the universal mount plus an option for my new phone.
However there was no price, and the shop was heaving. So I wandered off to check on-line to get a price guide…and found it here

I figured £20 is reasonable, and expecting a high street premium I figured £25 in store…So I went and asked.

The shop assistant had to go in the back to ask someone else..(what’s wrong with prices on boxes?? Or on shelves?) Returning she informed me that it’s £49.95!!
But ‘free’ if I get some specific phone on some contract…well that’s ok then.

Who pays £50 for a windscreen mount?? Worse who pays £30 for the privilege of queueing, and having it today? Not I, that’s for sure.

So I’m heading home, empty handed.

The one interesting part of the trip was a random guy chatting to me waiting for the train outbound. He was interested in my N810, since the screen is so big and good looking 🙂
He had a few devices of his own. One huge thing, running Windows mobile and having a good screen and keyboard he loved it, but not its size. And also an iPhone, which he said was hopeless.

This is the first time I’ve met an iPhone owner that actually didn’t like it. Yes it’s pretty he said, but just no good at useful things he’s used to.

One other thing from my journey was the temptation to buy a freeloader, solar power device charger. Tempting, can be charged from usb and solar panels…but are they any good?

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  1. Hi Dan – I’ve a Freeloader, but initial results indicated that it wasn’t very good. Didn’t seem to really completely charge anything.
    Annoying as it seems such a good idea!


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