Conflicting interests

Last week and this week saw me do two different things which reflect the two parts of my interests, my computer geek side and my woodworking side. Last week I went to the D&M tool show at Kempton Park racecourse. At which I got to drool over some cool big boys toys. and I bought a record cx2600 dust and chip extractor ( which I’m still waiting to actually get delivered.)

This weekend I went to HomeCamp08 at which I learned some cool things about monitoring home electricity usage through a CurrentCost meter. As well as all kinds of other cool home monitoring and automation stuff.
Dale Lane wrote more, as did others.

The conflict was apparent as one weekend I was coveting tools for which higher watts == better, more power is a good thing.

Then this week I was focused of trying to be more efficient, how to make my home more friendly in the amount and times of electricity usage. Where less watts== better (and cheaper)

I’ve started to monitor my electricity usage on-line, and I’m sure I’ll get exposed to the real cost of my woodturning hobby. particularly during the winter when I also run a 2Kw electric heater. But hopefully I’ll find a way to be more efficient and make a small difference even if it’s just being better at switching my lights off.

(Written by Dan, although posted by Kat)

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