Back in the habit of cycling

Last year I got into cycling to work a few times, and wound up buying myself a new bike, the carrera subway (limited edition). I never kid myself that I would ever try to cycle in bad weather, and various things meant that just as I was getting into the swing of it last year, the weather closed in and I got out of the habit, and eventually gave up for the year, promising that I would start up again when the weather got nice again.
The weather seemed to take a long time to get nice, and when it finally did, I was on holiday, then there were very good reasons why I didn’t start again straight after…. It’s easy to find reasons not to cycle to work 😉

However, for the last few weeks I have finally restarted. One thing that helps is that my awesome fiancee has gone on to compressed hours. This means that she doesn’t work Fridays. So rather than having to both be in the mood to cycle on the same day, I can just cycle on Fridays. Yes I *could* cycle anyway, but it’s really *really* hard to be motivated to cycle if you know your car will be driving from your house to work anyway.

Then this Friday just gone, it was wet and raining. So I drove. However, keen not to get out of the habit, this morning I went for a ride just for the sake of it, just to get some exercise. So now I’m wondering if I should get into this habit too, going for a ride on a Sunday morning before lunch just to get out, and get fit. After all, I get married in August, and a little off the waist line would help in making me look good in a suit 😉

Of course this plan still only really works as long as the weather is reasonably nice, it is not much fun cycling to work in the rain, and I don’t see me choosing to do so on the weekend either. So fingers crossed for the weather not giving me an easy out.