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I’ve been considering the idea of setting up a more serious maker geek shop. Currently I have a basic link to sell some t-shirts with my logo. However I’m investigating the idea of partnering with some tool and material suppliers to sell things more closely tied to the projects I work on.
The idea would be to find really nice tools, high quality supplies and components. Which I would test out with project ideas. I share the ideas on my site, and if a reader wants to try the project themselves, then it would be easy to buy the things they need to do so.

Life is too short to use cheap tools or rubbish materials.

I want to curate a list of tools I don’t just like, but *love*. I’d like to help people avoid the frustration of cheap screws that screw you over when they sheer or strip. I want to hook people up with raw materials at sensible prices (I’m looking at you b&q) And I want to give other makers ideas and inspiration for projects they can tackle without leaving them wondering where they can get all the necessary bits.

This is a UK based site. I want to serve the UK market. At least in part because I know I’m frustrated by projects that claim something well be ‘readily available in your local hardware store’ when they mean local US department store.

So for example my recent welded cat project


Could come with a way to easily buy a great welder, quality welding wire, fairly priced steel rod, strong robust mole grips to aid bending etc etc.

If you’ve read this far and think that is something you would appreciate please hit the ‘like’ button at the bottom of this post.

If you are a manufacturer of fine tools or supplier of materials/consumables relevant to my site and would be interested in discussing potential arrangements, please contact me at daniel @

Depending on the level of interest this may become a thing.

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