Custom fire guard


Last year we installed a log burning stove in our living room. It’s awesome and I’m actually looking forward to the cold weather as a reason to use it again.



This year we will be playing host to my family including my nieces and nephew. So the question of how we ensure that an exuberant child doesn’t accidentally lay a hand on the hot outer surface.

The answer of course is a fireguard and that sounds like an excuse to fire up the welder!


For design I looked to our lights for inspiration. They set a tone for the room and I wanted to echo the pattern in the fire guard.



9 meters of mild steel flat bar. 25mmx3mm

21 meters of 6mm mild steel round bar



Mig welder (mine is a Clarke 150en)

Metal cutting chop saw (mine is the evolution rage)

Or just use a hack saw.

 For this project I actually created an instructable which you can find here 


I also made a video of my build process 




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