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  • Designing a better coffee carrier

    Many years ago… I was in the habit of fetching coffee on the regular from my local costa coffee. Typically I’d be getting two coffees, one for me and one for my wife. At that time they offered the style of carrier pictured above. This was a pretty simple design, punched/cut out of flat cardboard,…

  • Improved Duet3d Fusion 360 post processor for Ooznest Ox

    Improved Duet3d Fusion 360 post processor for Ooznest Ox

    I recently upgraded my ooznest OX cnc machine from the original xPro USB controller (GRBL based) to the Duet3d (marlin based?) Ooznest typically use this on their newer workbee machines and they provide a post processor in the downloads for that machine. However, they also ship all of their machines for use with trim routers…

  • Buy project tools and materials

    Life is too short to use cheap tools or rubbish materials.

  • Running from couch to 5k

    Running from couch to 5k

     I thought I’d write about my recent attempt to get a little healthier. I hate diets, and generally consider them a form of slow torture. So I was not at all interested in losing weight by kidding myself I’m going to get into a healthy eating habit. I’m writing this having just consumed a rather…

  • DIY CNC Router – plotting test

    This week I figured out what I needed to in order to send sensible gcode to my DIY CNC.

  • CNC Electronics : Arduino Uno + GRBL

    After some considerable delay since I first started with the idea of building myself a cnc router, I am now working on the electronics in earnest. 

  • Arduino uno – making electronics easy

    I was having some difficulty understanding what was going wrong with my circuit. This week i got some probes for my oscilloscope, and that at least helped me see that indeed when the servo turned the best, the control signal looked most like a square wave

  • Wine glass engraving with dremel 4000

    I recently bought myself a dremel 4000 at the d&m tool show, and since having it have been playing around with the various attachments.One thing I decided to play with was glass engraving, using the flexible shaft and a diamond bit.

  • Using SpecFlow for WebDriver user acceptance tests – Pros and Cons

    Recently in my team we have introduced the use of SpecFlow to held create business driven tests. Specifically we’ve been refining the way we work with acceptance criteria for some time, and have been pushing towards the Given, When, Then format.

  • Rotating wine rack

    Some time ago I blogged about using openSCAD do design a wine rack. Well I’ve finally finished the wine rack.