Category: woodturning

  • Spalted beech playing card case

    Over the last couple of weekends I have made myself a wooden case for a deck of playing cards

  • CraftSuppliesUSA artist’s sketch pencil

    Previously I wrote about having made an oak book stand for my wife’s Christmas present. In addition to that I also decided to make her an artists sketch pencil. 

  • Custom Headphones – Part 3: Headband and finish

    I mentioned in the first part on design that I had guessed that the metal in metal coat hangers might be just flexible enough to form to a shape I want, and just stiff enough to provide some springy tension. It was this that formed the basis for my headband design.

  • Custom headphones – Part 2: Speaker housing

    Following on from my first post on the design of my custom headphones, in this part I walk through the construction of the speaker housing. The most obvious place to start construction is in the piece that will hold the speakers.

  • Custom headphones – Part 1: Design

    I spend a fair amount of time at work using video conferencing software. However, I have pretty big ears, and I find they get pressed against my head by the headset. After an hour or so it can be a little uncomfortable.I hit upon the idea of making a custom pair of headphones.

  • Mobile phone stand

    I spend a lot of time on trains at the moment. My commute is insanely long, and the way I cope with this is listening to podcasts, and more recently, watching video podcasts. I particularly like This Week in Tech, and the generally very amusing NSFW show.

  • Headphone stand

    I always look for any excuse to get some nice wooden objects into my daily life, something about the natural material, in particular when it’s something I’ve made, that I love to have around.

  • Paper plant pot maker

    I’d never come across the idea of newspaper seedling pots before, but Mum had seen them and the wooden formers used to make them and asked if I could make one for her.

  • Quick Project – Light-pull

    Last Sunday, I spent a while staring at my sketch book, flicking through old ideas, desperately racking my brains for something that would ‘click’ with my mood and inspire me to action.

  • Goodbye to the Hampshire woodturners association

    After about two and a half years of being a member of the Hampshire woodturners association, it is time to say goodbye. Tomorrow’s meeting is the AGM marking the end of the subscription year, and since I am planning to move away from the area in the next few months, I will not be renewing my…