In April 2011 I decided to build myself a cnc router. Here I intend to collect links to blog posts on my progress. Along with anything else I decide is relevant.
Also I have created a new twitter ID @MakerGeek which I’ll use to tweet more about things as I hit them, maybe a few extra pictures of in progress stuff. I f a feel really adventurous I may even throw in some video. Feel free to follow me there, ask questions, make suggestions etc.

cnc building part 1

cnc building part 2
cnc building part 3

cnc building part 4

After a long break I have resumed my project, first learning the electronics I needed, then putting everything together.

Learning Electronics

Arduino uno making electronics easy

CNC Electronics, Arduino and GRBL

CNC Router 3 axis test

CNC Router plotting test

diy CNC router drilling and routing test

diy CNC router calibration tests

DIY CNC Router -Binding and backlash

DIY CNC Router – Successful Sign cutting

And finally – a properly successful run, all the issues ironed out. My very own CNC router used to cut out the parts for an arduino box. From a design I created myself in openSCAD:

DIY CNC Router – My first thing! an Arduino case



ok, so maybe that was just the start of the journey. I quickly became frustrated with reliability issues, lack of speed, too much flex at the router tip etc etc.
So I embarked on a series of improvements…

first I had a go at engraving metal


i redesigned the z and y axis


i redesigned the z axis again