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  • Advanced eclipse and Rational Team Concert (RTC) tips

    I spend pretty much most days working in and around RTC, an Eclipse-based tool for development and agile project development. Many of the great features are very obvious, others are not so much, but still really very helpful.

  • First steps in a new software project

    This week I started a brand new project. This time it’s the start of product development, rather than just an internal project to get something running. And it really is new, so everyone is new and we’re setting up everything from scratch. So this is my list of things to go from nothing to a…

  • Retrospective on an agile project

    Yesterday I finished my 5 week project. I still can’t believe it’s been 5 weeks, it’s gone so fast.I wrote a bit about it a couple of weeks ago. And now that it’s finished I wanted to reflect a little on how it went. 

  • Automation isn’t free, and change isn’t either.

    When I started this blog I intended it to be about both woodworking and software engineering. It’s pretty clear that my focus has been woodworking, and more specifically woodturning.However, that’s not to say I’m not busy thinking about software engineering, I just don’t often think to write about it.

  • Agile is..doing only as much as you need

    This weekend I discovered what I consider to be a massive design flaw in my Mazda3. The problem that lead to this discovery is actually something that has happened a few times, and I believed it to be an electrical fault. I was happier in that belief.

  • So Agile, they’ll need another word

    This last week has been the first of a project planned to take four weeks. It is a great opportunity for me, since the project’s goal is to deliver on an idea I pitched, some months ago, to solve a problem with the way we test.