Tag: Art

  • Sagrada Familia Knight

    I recently went to Barcelona and visited the Sagrada Familia there. It’s an awesome building and if you have the chance I recommend a visit. The pictures really do not do it justice. There are hundreds of statues, but one of the cool ones that caught my eye was this one of a knight Whilst…

  • Artistic aspirations…take 2

    Recently I wrote about a challenge I’d been set to let go of the idea that my wood turnings should be ‘things’ with purpose, such as bottle stops, lidded boxes, bowls etc etc. And instead simply make something that looks interesting. 

  • Unique art or uninspired copy

    I decided for this project not to take any pictures of the making process. I’m not sure why but it seemed that unlike a functional piece, as a piece of art it should evolve naturally and only be seen in its final form.