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  • Sagrada Familia Knight

    I recently went to Barcelona and visited the Sagrada Familia there. It’s an awesome building and if you have the chance I recommend a visit. The pictures really do not do it justice. There are hundreds of statues, but one of the cool ones that caught my eye was this one of a knight Whilst…

  • Raspberry Pi – adventures in case building

    One of the first requirements for a Raspberry Pi is to get a case to put it in. Now there are plenty around and mostly not too expensive, but anyone that has read even a few of my blog posts would realise I’m really not the kind of person that buys something like a case…

  • DIY CNC – handling EM inteference

    My awesome new spindle is a serious piece of equipment and the rest of my machine now seems somewhat inadequate to deserve such a beauty of precision engineering. One way in which the rest of my machine fell short was in its ability to cope with the Electro-Magnetic interference being thrown out by the variable…

  • Making Christmas presents – personal gifts

    Every year in the run up to Christmas, I go quiet on the blog, and other places where I would normally share the projects I’m working on. Because the projects I’m spending my time on are gift for Christmas, and I don’t want the recepients seeing details before they get the present. This year I…

  • z-axis mk-III

    I very recently completed rebuilding the y and z axis of my homebuilt CNC router. However even as I was finishing that build, I knew the z-axis design was no good.

  • Re-designed y and z axis for DIY CNC router

    I’ve been quite busy over the summer, and with the lovely weather I’ve been less inclined to spend any time locked away in my workshop with no windows. However, I have been designing and thinking about my CNC. 

  • DIY CNC Router – engraving metal

    One of the things I wanted to try with my CNC router from the start was cutting metal. I’ve been building up to it as I learned the limits of my machine and got a sense for what it can do. 

  • DIY CNC Router – Making my first thing! an Arduino Uno box

    If you have been following along at home, then you’ll know that last time I had a successful attempt at engraving a sign. With one main caveat. The backlash on the x-axis was still evident and ran to about 2mm.

  • DIY CNC Router – Binding and Backlash – a journey of discovery

    Pretty much since the first time I turned on my CNC machine I became familiar with the term ‘binding’. The various axis had points where due to slight inaccuracies of construction the threaded rod was rubbing against something causing so much friction that the motor stalled. 

  • DIY CNC calibration tests

    In my last tests of my CNC router it became very clear that calibration was not right.