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  • Custom pi Zero case

    Now available from our shop! custom pi Zero cases. Yes you can buy off the shelf cases for your pizero. and that’s fine. But if you’re building a project and looking for a professional finish, it’s great to have a case customised to your project or business. The case is a snug fit for the…

  • Custom fire guard

    Last year we installed a log burning stove in our living room. It’s awesome and I’m actually looking forward to the cold weather as a reason to use it again.   This year we will be playing host to my family including my nieces and nephew. So the question of how we ensure that an…

  • No-sew quick fabric coasters

    When redecorating, it’s those little details that can really tie a room together and help you achieve a unified look with very little outlay.These coasters take only minutes to make and use inexpensive materials: cardboard and leftover fabric from cushions or furnishings.

  • Bespoke picture frame to suit your space

    Picture frames are easy enough to come by, but why settle for something which is close to what you want, when you can make something which is exactly right for your home. This is a relatively easy project, but can have a major impact because you get something which fits exactly into the space you have.…

  • Custom Nexus 4 Dock

    I have a Nexus 4, which I think is a great phone. I have it in a fairly reasonable hard aluminium case to protect it. Using a case is normally a good idea; however, the thing about most cases is that they are incompatible with a dock.

  • Custom paint job for a Nerf sharpshot

    Custom paint job for a Nerf sharpshot

    This weekend I spent some time reading about the amazing world of nerf gun modding and general prop painting. Turns out that people not only paint them with amazing designs, but there is also a healthy selection of improvements that can be made to the mechanical workings. to improve the range of the gun.

  • Custom Headphones – Part 3: Headband and finish

    I mentioned in the first part on design that I had guessed that the metal in metal coat hangers might be just flexible enough to form to a shape I want, and just stiff enough to provide some springy tension. It was this that formed the basis for my headband design.

  • Custom headphones – Part 2: Speaker housing

    Following on from my first post on the design of my custom headphones, in this part I walk through the construction of the speaker housing. The most obvious place to start construction is in the piece that will hold the speakers.

  • Custom headphones – Part 1: Design

    I spend a fair amount of time at work using video conferencing software. However, I have pretty big ears, and I find they get pressed against my head by the headset. After an hour or so it can be a little uncomfortable.I hit upon the idea of making a custom pair of headphones.