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  • Considerations in complete kitchen replacement

    Considerations in complete kitchen replacement

    In the last week I have completed removal of the old kitchen, so I now have a large empty room, and it is time to start putting things back together. 

  • DIY table saw

    I wrote previously about a little project to turn my circular saw into a table saw. Last time I was just fixing the structure around the circular saw itself. Now I have a whole table up and running.

  • So I had to remove the safety guard…

    As someone that spends a lot of time in my workshop, using tools and making things, these words echo in my memory: “Well I had to remove the safety guard to get a better angle…” Maybe my memory is unreliable, but that is how I remember my father explaining how he had caught his thumb…

  • New House – new workshop

    I’ve been a little quiet on the blog for a little while, because we’ve been in the process of moving house. Lots of packing and worrying about logistics etc. Of course the biggest question mark was the moving of the workshop!

  • z-axis mk-III

    I very recently completed rebuilding the y and z axis of my homebuilt CNC router. However even as I was finishing that build, I knew the z-axis design was no good.

  • Re-designed y and z axis for DIY CNC router

    I’ve been quite busy over the summer, and with the lovely weather I’ve been less inclined to spend any time locked away in my workshop with no windows. However, I have been designing and thinking about my CNC. 

  • DIY CNC Router – engraving metal

    One of the things I wanted to try with my CNC router from the start was cutting metal. I’ve been building up to it as I learned the limits of my machine and got a sense for what it can do. 

  • DIY CNC Router – Binding and Backlash – a journey of discovery

    Pretty much since the first time I turned on my CNC machine I became familiar with the term ‘binding’. The various axis had points where due to slight inaccuracies of construction the threaded rod was rubbing against something causing so much friction that the motor stalled. 

  • DIY CNC Router – drilling and routing test 1

    Last weekend was the first time I got my cnc router to do something recognisable. After some tuning I got it to plot out a simplified version of my blog logo, backwards…

  • Cnc router project ,part 3

    At this point I realised I needed a hole in each leg to take the threaded rod that drives the Y axis. No problem, some careful meassuring and drilling and presto. But now I realise my previous tightening of the bearings in place on the Y axis had left the central hole not quite central.