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  • Nokia N900 announced at last.

    Nokia N900 announced at last.

    Last year I wrote about my disturbing Nokia obsession. I had realised that I had become a Nokia fanboy, almost without noticing. I’ve always had Nokia phones, and they’ve always in my mind been better than the competition. A couple of years ago I found myself with a Nokia 770 internet tablet.

  • Riding with the n810

    I mentioned previously that I was learning to ride a bike, trying to get to a standard good enough to ride on roads. Well I think I’m there, and yesterday I made the journey to work and back. On the way back I decided to run maemo mapper on my n810. And have it store…

  • Work around computers? Or have them work around you?

    I’ve been thinking recently about the way my computer use has changed over the years as technology has progressed.