Tag: lathe

  • New workshop!

    I  figured it’s about time I wrote about my new workshop. In truth I’ve not spent a huge amount of time building or making in it yet. I’ve mostly been doing setup stuff to get myself in a position to make something.

  • 2 axis tool platform

    I’m sure there is a proper name for this but I can’t think what it is.So to describe it… basically it’s a platform on which I have mounted a rotary tool. By turning the big wheel at the end I can make the platform move left and right.

  • Making a chess set part 2 – The Bishop

    Feeling good about how the king had gone, I set to work on the bishops.I decided that the thing to do would be to turn 2 head-to-head in a single length of wood. This would mean I only pay the ‘cost’ of work holding once for two pieces. 

  • Making a chess set. Part 1- The King

    As a geek and a wood turner. One of the most obvious things to attempt to make on the lathe is a chess set.In fact it was probably one of the first things I thought of to work towards. I did a lot of research at the time, and found that chess designs are not…

  • Refinishing chairs

    For a long time I’ve not pulled my weight in the “cooking a meal for the family” stakes. Based solely on the excuse that I don’t have a dining table or chairs. So I’ve been content to go to my brothers’ houses and enjoy their hospitality, but when it came my turn it was always…

  • Streptohedrons

    A couple of months ago David Springett came to the Hampshire woodturners monthly meeting and gave a demonstration. Amongst the things he demonstrated were what he called ‘streptohedrons’

  • DIY lathe dust extractor hood

    Last year I bought myself a serious dust extractor for use in the workshop. It has a huge dust collection bag and a 100mm hose.I have it sat between my bandsaw and my lathe. The bandsaw has a specific dust port for connecting this type of extractor to which makes life easy. The lathe on the…

  • My kind of holiday

    Last week Kat and I went on holiday to visit her father’s house in France. I took with me some tools and overalls so that I could spend some time whilst there doing some wood turning.

  • Your mileage may vary

    I’ve been thinking a lot about tools, process, features and investment. A whole mix of thoughts crossing from my role in software test and my passion for wood work.