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  • Lessons from QCon Part 2 – Working Distributed

    The team I work on is split over 3 time zones, with an Office in London, Bermuda and Vancouver. Giving us an 8 hour time different to work around.So I was interested by the distributed teams track at QCon and I attended a couple of sessions to pick up some ideas about being effective with…

  • Lessons from QCon: Part 1 – Sympathy with the Machine

    At my recent trip to QCon London I had the opportunity to hear some great talks given by some really good speakers.

  • Developer in Test

    I currently work for a great company, I started here about 10 months ago and I am loving it. One of the things that makes it great is that we are building a real public facing website that should have some serious business benefits. 

  • So long, and thanks for all the lattes

    On Monday I resigned from IBM after 9.5 years there. The process of looking for a new job has been a fairly long, and interesting one. Of course the hardest part was making the decision to leave. Well I say hard, in the endI guess I felt IBM made it pretty easy for me.