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  • Witter – a basic python twitter client for Maemo

    So I wrote last week about developing a basic twitter client. And this week I got the main stuff done, and wanted to share the code example here. 

  • Nokia N900 announced at last.

    Nokia N900 announced at last.

    Last year I wrote about my disturbing Nokia obsession. I had realised that I had become a Nokia fanboy, almost without noticing. I’ve always had Nokia phones, and they’ve always in my mind been better than the competition. A couple of years ago I found myself with a Nokia 770 internet tablet.

  • Riding with the n810

    I mentioned previously that I was learning to ride a bike, trying to get to a standard good enough to ride on roads. Well I think I’m there, and yesterday I made the journey to work and back. On the way back I decided to run maemo mapper on my n810. And have it store…

  • Navit Update

    It’s been a while since I’ve done much with Navit. My regular week doesn’t include much travelling and I’ve just not had that much time to devote to it. When push comes to shove, my wood turning normally wins when competeing for my free time. 

  • Work around computers? Or have them work around you?

    I’ve been thinking recently about the way my computer use has changed over the years as technology has progressed.

  • Participating in OSS

    Fairly recently I went through the process of being allowed to participate in an open source project ‘Navit’Working for a big company I have to just make sure there are no potential contamination issues. Very boring, but done now.

  • My disturbing Nokia obsession

    I find that the extent to which I’m becoming a Nokia fan-boy getting worse as the years progress. In the beginning I just found they made the best quality mobile phones hands down. 

  • My new Nokia N810

    Yes! It finally arrived, last Monday I got my hands on my new N810.