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  • Custom pi Zero case

    Now available from our shop! custom pi Zero cases. Yes you can buy off the shelf cases for your pizero. and that’s fine. But if you’re building a project and looking for a professional finish, it’s great to have a case customised to your project or business. The case is a snug fit for the…

  • Weekend project: custom case for Raspberry Pi camera

    Weekend project: custom case for Raspberry Pi camera

    Last week I wrote about the one hour challenge I set myself to setup my raspberry pi with its new camera module and get it running as an IP camera along with my other 2 dedicated ones. This led naturally on to wanting it to be set up a little better than precariously balanced on…

  • One Hour With: Raspberry Pi NOIR Camera

    Over the Christmas period I had a chunk of time off, and so of course I filled it with many more things I’d like to do than I really had the time or energy for. One of these was to play with one of my Christmas gifts, a NoIR camera for my Raspberry Pi.

  • Raspberry Pi – adventures in case building

    One of the first requirements for a Raspberry Pi is to get a case to put it in. Now there are plenty around and mostly not too expensive, but anyone that has read even a few of my blog posts would realise I’m really not the kind of person that buys something like a case…