Tag: tools

  • Developing applications for Maemo

    When I first got my nokia 770 I intended to develop for it. I had a few ideas of what to write, but discovered apps already existing for just about everything I could think of. I also discovered that it’s not that easy developing for maemo.

  • First steps in a new software project

    This week I started a brand new project. This time it’s the start of product development, rather than just an internal project to get something running. And it really is new, so everyone is new and we’re setting up everything from scratch. So this is my list of things to go from nothing to a…

  • New tools!

    At the weekend I took a trip to John Davis Woodturning This was my first time in a real wood turning shop/workshop rather than just browsing items on line. It was very cool, nice to be able to actually see the various tools and get a proper feel for them. 

  • It starts with a drawing…

    Actually that’s not strictly true, it starts with the spark of an idea. 

  • Hants woodturners

    The other week I was looking for places I could go to see wood turning being demonstrated, and a bit of Googling turned up http://www.hants-woodturners-hwa.co.uk/. I was very happy to discover this group meets not more than 10 minutes walk from my house.

  • Your mileage may vary

    I’ve been thinking a lot about tools, process, features and investment. A whole mix of thoughts crossing from my role in software test and my passion for wood work.