Tag: woodturning

  • Custom headphones – Part 1: Design

    I spend a fair amount of time at work using video conferencing software. However, I have pretty big ears, and I find they get pressed against my head by the headset. After an hour or so it can be a little uncomfortable.I hit upon the idea of making a custom pair of headphones.

  • Headphone stand

    I always look for any excuse to get some nice wooden objects into my daily life, something about the natural material, in particular when it’s something I’ve made, that I love to have around.

  • Paper plant pot maker

    I’d never come across the idea of newspaper seedling pots before, but Mum had seen them and the wooden formers used to make them and asked if I could make one for her.

  • Locking box project – competition entry

    Last Monday was the first woodturning competition of the Hampshire woodturners association. 

  • green wood wine glass

    Last weekend a friend turned up at my house with a log from a conifer tree. He had been helping another friend remove some trees from her garden and thought I’d like to have a sample to see if it was worth turning. 

  • Spinner box – never give up, never surrender

    This week I spent a lot of time updating witter, so yesterday I redressed the balance and spent some quality time in the workshop.

  • Holy exploding woodturnings batman!

    At the HWA meeting in February Mark Baker demonstrated an interesting arched stand with finialed box.

  • My first woodturning commission

    This week a colleague approached me to ask if I could make something for him.His house, which he’s been renovating, still had an original doorbell from whenever it was built. The door bell was a round metal plate with a button in the middle, inset into a wood ring which was screwed to the wall.…

  • The Mallet of many mistakes

    In last months woodturning magazine there was a project-in-a-day feature for making a mallet. I caught my eye because the head of the mallet was made from lignum vitae, a very dense hard wood which is normally found in the balls used for lawn bowls. As it happens I was recently given a couple of…

  • Making a chess set part 2 – The Bishop

    Feeling good about how the king had gone, I set to work on the bishops.I decided that the thing to do would be to turn 2 head-to-head in a single length of wood. This would mean I only pay the ‘cost’ of work holding once for two pieces.