A few weeks ago I got to spend 3 weeks on a work trip to the Bermuda office. It has kind of put me out of the habit of blogging, and certainly got in the way of any new crafting projects. So I figured I’d at least post about the trip. Honestly I spent most of my time in the office, but the office had some pretty nice views:

view out the front

view out the back

Bermuda is a pretty small place really, something like 25 miles from one end to the other, whilst there I had a scooter rented. Personally I would have prefered a car, but tourists/visitors aren’t allowed to drive cars on the island. A combination of fear of their traffic problems getting worse, and paranoia about Americans that can’t be trusted to drive on the left.

So for 3 weeks I got to ride around on this:


Mostly I was just happy to make it through the time without killing myself on the scooter, it was fun, but I’ll stick with 4 wheels for preference.

I got to see a few nice beaches, and see a lot of great views. But honestly I did spent most of my time in the office working.

As much as it was nice to be somewhere hot, sunny, with amazing views, and all the other trappings of a tourist attraction like Bermuda, it was really nice to get home again. I missed my Wife, cats and the normality of life and of course I missed my garage.

Hopefully I’ll get back into doing projects soon. In the meantime, some more pictures from bermuda