Category: Design

  • Designing a better coffee carrier

    Many years ago… I was in the habit of fetching coffee on the regular from my local costa coffee. Typically I’d be getting two coffees, one for me and one for my wife. At that time they offered the style of carrier pictured above. This was a pretty simple design, punched/cut out of flat cardboard,…

  • Custom pi Zero case

    Now available from our shop! custom pi Zero cases. Yes you can buy off the shelf cases for your pizero. and that’s fine. But if you’re building a project and looking for a professional finish, it’s great to have a case customised to your project or business. The case is a snug fit for the…

  • Welding project – Garden ornament Cat

    Welding project – Garden ornament Cat

    This was one of those projects that came together really well out of a little inspiration and some creative constraints. I didn’t track how long it took, but I think probably less than 2 hours.

  • Maker Geek Gear – clothes, glasses, notepads

    Maker Geek Gear – clothes, glasses, notepads

    One of my favourite t-shirts is one that my wife made for me that features a logo for this site. It also features a hand-painted QR code that actually worked! However as that shirt ages and starts to fade I thought it would be interesting to look into getting other clothes with custom designs. So…