Custom pi Zero case

Now available from our shop! custom pi Zero cases.

Yes you can buy off the shelf cases for your pizero. and that’s fine. But if you’re building a project and looking for a professional finish, it’s great to have a case customised to your project or business.

The case is a snug fit for the latest version of the pi Zero and includes access to the sd card slot


Pi Zero sitting snugly in a custom cast case.

Made from high grade J-Cast 70D hardness plastic, these cases can be drilled, and etched to custom requirements. 

Since we’re making them to order they can be made in just about any colour you require.

Part of the customisation is to etch your logo or project name right into the case.


The cases are sealed with 4 torx screws from the bottom leaving the top surface clear for your sticker or design.




the maker geek branded pi0 case.


Need something more custom? or for a different kind of board? feel free to contact us with your particular requirements and we will see what we can do to help.

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