Category: Electronics

  • DIy motorised camera slider

    For anyone shooting and editing video, sooner or later you realise a desire to have some more dynamic shots. Simply cutting from one static position to another can only take you so far. Even with a good timelapse, it can add a great deal of visual interest to have the camera moving during the period. …

  • Diagnosing and repairing a Trend Router tt/127

    About 2 years ago I came to use my router and when I pulled the switch, nothing happened. My initial thought was that maybe I had blown a fuse in the plug, but after checking the fuse and finding it fine, I gave up.  Some have suggested that in this situation it is easy to…

  • One Hour With: Raspberry Pi NOIR Camera

    Over the Christmas period I had a chunk of time off, and so of course I filled it with many more things I’d like to do than I really had the time or energy for. One of these was to play with one of my Christmas gifts, a NoIR camera for my Raspberry Pi.

  • Pan and tilt webcam – Face tracking

    Pan and tilt webcam –  Face tracking

    Last week I wrote about building a pan and tilt webcam, and at the end of that I mentioned that the next thing was to come up with some kind of software control on the PC to allow it to be easily moved around.

  • Pan and Tilt webcam mount – Arduino powered

    A long time ago I built a little pan and tilt mount from some scavenged electronics (a stepper motor from a printer and a worm drive from a cd player) I connected it via a parallel port and used darlington arrays and direct pin out of the parallel port to control the whole thing from…

  • Raspberry Pi – adventures in case building

    One of the first requirements for a Raspberry Pi is to get a case to put it in. Now there are plenty around and mostly not too expensive, but anyone that has read even a few of my blog posts would realise I’m really not the kind of person that buys something like a case…

  • DIY CNC – handling EM inteference

    My awesome new spindle is a serious piece of equipment and the rest of my machine now seems somewhat inadequate to deserve such a beauty of precision engineering. One way in which the rest of my machine fell short was in its ability to cope with the Electro-Magnetic interference being thrown out by the variable…

  • DIY CNC router – new 2.2kW water cooled spindle

    For Christmas I was lucky enough to be given a new spindle for my DIY CNC machine. Until this point I had been using a combination of a small rotary tool, essentially a knock-off Dremel, and a Bosch palm router.

  • Custom Nexus 4 Dock

    I have a Nexus 4, which I think is a great phone. I have it in a fairly reasonable hard aluminium case to protect it. Using a case is normally a good idea; however, the thing about most cases is that they are incompatible with a dock.

  • DIY CNC Router – Making my first thing! an Arduino Uno box

    If you have been following along at home, then you’ll know that last time I had a successful attempt at engraving a sign. With one main caveat. The backlash on the x-axis was still evident and ran to about 2mm.