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  • Welding project – Garden ornament Cat

    Welding project – Garden ornament Cat

    This was one of those projects that came together really well out of a little inspiration and some creative constraints. I didn’t track how long it took, but I think probably less than 2 hours.

  • Improvised tripod and light box

    Recently I was taking pictures of a little wooden watch stand I made for my bedside cabinet, and only noticed after posting that a couple of the images were a little blurry and generally the images are a bit meh.

  • Learning electronics

    I am a man of many interests. I generally feel there is not enough time to do and learn all the things I would like. 

  • Project: Tilting lap desk

    For the last couple of years my wife and I have introduced a tradition of making our gifts for each other. This year that gift was what I am calling a ‘lap desk’ but I guess it just a freestanding mini desk that has a tilting top.

  • Wine glass engraving with dremel 4000

    I recently bought myself a dremel 4000 at the d&m tool show, and since having it have been playing around with the various attachments.One thing I decided to play with was glass engraving, using the flexible shaft and a diamond bit.

  • Makeshift desk

    In our house, one thing was made very clear from before we even moved in. The garage is my territory, and the study is my wife’s. 

  • Custom headphones – Part 1: Design

    I spend a fair amount of time at work using video conferencing software. However, I have pretty big ears, and I find they get pressed against my head by the headset. After an hour or so it can be a little uncomfortable.I hit upon the idea of making a custom pair of headphones.

  • Headphone stand

    I always look for any excuse to get some nice wooden objects into my daily life, something about the natural material, in particular when it’s something I’ve made, that I love to have around.

  • 2 axis tool platform

    I’m sure there is a proper name for this but I can’t think what it is.So to describe it… basically it’s a platform on which I have mounted a rotary tool. By turning the big wheel at the end I can make the platform move left and right.

  • Windmill Project

    I love mechanisms, I guess it’s a geek thing, but I really like the idea of making things that move, be it simple latch mechanisms in oak or put-put boats from coke cans.