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  • How to make a mobile tool station

    How to make a mobile tool station

    Become a workshop ninja with all your tools readily accessible and exactly where you need them.

  • New House – new workshop

    I’ve been a little quiet on the blog for a little while, because we’ve been in the process of moving house. Lots of packing and worrying about logistics etc. Of course the biggest question mark was the moving of the workshop!

  • New workshop!

    I  figured it’s about time I wrote about my new workshop. In truth I’ve not spent a huge amount of time building or making in it yet. I’ve mostly been doing setup stuff to get myself in a position to make something.

  • Insulating my garage

    I’ve not spent a great deal of time in the garage in the last couple of months. Mostly because the work shop is not so appealing when it’s really cold. 

  • Tidying up my workspace

    Having spent some time in someone else’s workshop I picked up some things about their setup which I liked, and decided to invest some time in making some improvements in my workshop.

  • My kind of holiday

    Last week Kat and I went on holiday to visit her father’s house in France. I took with me some tools and overalls so that I could spend some time whilst there doing some wood turning.