My new Nokia N810

Yes! It finally arrived, last Monday I got my hands on my new N810.There were a few tense moments, initially plugging it in it refused to turn on… I started to think my £160 bargain on e-bay might be an expensive hassle. However I decided to try one of my other chargers, and everything came to life! Oh the joy.
So it is just the charger with it is broken. It delivers enough charge for things to think they’re charging, but it never steps up to actually charge.
I suspect the seller may have thought the device itself was broken… Why do I think this uncharitable thing? Well when it booted up, all of their settings were still in place, e-mail, facebook, e-bay, etc., etc. Someone suggested I could have arranged to sell my old 770 back to them for more than I paid… tempting, but I figure I got what I want for a great price no matter what they thought.


So that was last Monday. And now I’ve had a few days to enjoy it.
It is fantastic, better than the 770 in every way I wanted. It’s faster, can handle multiple apps open much easier. It doesn’t stall when one app is busy.
The slide out thumb board is great. It takes some getting used to, but has allowed me to write this whilst waiting for Kat in various shops. And I’m now in the queue at Boswells

…And now I’m not…

Anyway, the camera, as you can see is not great. It’s a web cam rather than a camera for taking stills.

Although you can run Skype, they do not currently support video… but that’s OK because Gizmo does. Are you listening Skype?? But for video support I’d never even have looked at Gizmo. Now it’s installed on two machines, and i will set up my mum next time I visit…

The device comes with 2gig internal memory, in addition to 256mb flash. And space for an 8gig external mini SD.
In one week I’ve already cloned the OS from the flash to the 2G so that I have more application install space.
And I got an 8G card so I have plenty of storage.
The process of cloning was made fairly trivial by
My only issue was having to disable the extended swap settings and reboot before the install tools could do their thing.
This process kept all my apps and settings, but gives me loads more room to play with applications. Thanks penguinbait.

My one gripe is not being able to connect at work. But even that has a promising outlook.
Kalle Valo has announced an opensource wifi driver
Which will open up all the connectivity enjoyed by my laptop, so very happy about that.

Other nice things that I’ve found.
E-mail notification, it automatically checks for mail, even without the mail app running, and provides blinking notifications, but it does it nicely. It shows up the mail titles, and gives a way to open it or close the notification.

Bluetooth file transfer, having paired my mobile phone I found it showed up in file manager. From there i could navigate the phone’s filesystem, and stream the mp3’s from there straight to the audio player.

But mostly it’s speed make all things better, browsing is reasonable, youtube works, facebook works.
All the cool multimedia apps run at sensible speed.

If the rumours of a 3g capable variant turn to reality I may have to upgrade, but for now I’m one happy nokia fan-boy.

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