My disturbing Nokia obsession

I just noticed this announcement : is the first drop of the core OS that will run on Nokia’s next internet tablet.

I find that the extent to which I’m becoming a Nokia fan-boy getting worse as the years progress. In the beginning I just found they made the best quality mobile phones hands down.
I’ve owned at least 5 Nokia phones, the last two of which have been the e61 and the e71. Both of which are very good phones particularly for what I want. Oddly enough I still carry my e61 in my jacket to use on occasion, mainly to act as a wireless hotspot in emergency ‘no wifi’ situations.

But my love for Nokia products has grown to alarming proportions with their internet tablets.

First I bought a Nokia 770, to be fair I bought it quite long after its initial release. I was tipped off by a friend that somewhere was selling them for £75…I mean £75!! For a touch screen, wifi enabled computer-in-your-hand. I couldn’t say no.

The reviews of that device had not been great..too slow, not enough memory etc etc. And for their RRP those where valid concerns but for £75 none of that mattered. And for 12 months itg didn’t leave my side.

Then I decided it was time to justify an upgrade. Clearly this was a type of device that suited me well. I love the Linux core, the functionality, the community about it… so I got myself a Nokia 810 the top of the line. Like the 770 but better in every way.

In the last few months I’ve had the 810 beside me as my constant companion. I’m using it to write this post from bed. Whilst keeping up with twitter and e-mail and rss feeds etc. I also use it as a remote to my myth tv box with mythetomer.

However as with the 770 it’s not perfect and most of that is a desire for a little more power, mainly for slightly more powerful apps…I’d love to see navit running in 3d mode..(come to think of I’d love to see a navit update for 810 fullstop)

And with this first sign of maemo 5 I already know I will get the new one when it comes out. And the fact that they are releasing pre-alpha chunks for the community to review, and working with opensource is all key to my own worrying obsession with my internet tablet. Nokia must be doing something right, as here I sit just waiting to find out when I can lay my hands on one… I’m such a fan-boy perhaps I should actually look at what other products exist in this space..

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