Rotating wine rack


Spin the bottle

Some time ago I blogged about using openSCAD do design a wine rack. Well I’ve finally finished the wine rack:

So what took so long? well mostly a lack of time, work keeps me very busy during the week, and I got a little carried away learning some android development.
So progress on the wine rack has come in fits and starts. Most recently it was effectively done,painted and sanded, but awaiting the lazy susan bearing required t make it spin. When this finally arrived I realised that I needed a reasonable size ‘foot’ piece for the bearing to provide balance and stability, with heavy wine bottles there was the potential for the whole thing to tip over if unevenly balanced.

A suggestion was made that I simply needed to make sure we always consume wine in multiples of 2 bottles, to ensure even distribution at all times. However I figured a little extra time to make a good foot for it would allow things to be at least a little one sided without tipping.

The completion of this project was also timed with my awesome wife returning from a trip to France, she brought back a couple of cases of wine to help fill up the wine rack 🙂

Overall I enjoyed this project and I’m pleased with the result. I’m sure I could have constructed a more simple wine rack with a16 bottle capacity that would have fit in the space, but this was just a lot more fun and I feel like the space is more interestingly used .







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