With frickin’ lasers!

For some considerable time I’ve been toying with the idea of laser vision correction. The idea of being able to fix my eyesight on a more permenant basis than glasses appeals greatly. However the idea of the treatment itself is a little scary. More worrying is the period after treatment when I will be to be super careful of my eyes.For a long time this has been nothing more than idle speculation, since the cost of this treatment is significant.

However now for the first time I feel I can afford to get it done, and my glasses could really use replacing, Which sort of forces the issue. Do I buy new glasses and just live with it for another couple of years. Or do I take the plunge, and look to having my eyes ‘fixed’. At least until old age means I’ll likely need reading glasses.

I’ve spent the last week thinking more about it, talking to some friends and collegues that have had it done. Most interestingly one that had an infection after his treatment which caused him some initial problems. So when he says he’s happy to of done it anyway it really means something. He also aknowledges that his is a rare case to of had such problems.

Anyway finally today, about 20 minutes ago I decided it’s time to stop umming and arring.. And I booked a free consultation appointment for next Friday. And whilst there is no obligation or pressure, they also take the step of pencilling you in for a likely date to actually have the treatment. For which I chose Friday 22nd of May, since it is before the bank holiday Monday and gives me a free extra recovery day… I may yet freak out at the idea of actually getting it done. But for the moment at least I’m on the path to ditching my glasses. I will no doubt post about the appointment next weekend.

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