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  • Learning to ride a bike.

    It’s true what they say, that once you’ve learned how to ride a bike you never forget. Unfortunately whilst I learned how to ride as a kid, I pretty much stopped at the point that I could go forwards and not fall off. 

  • With frickin’ lasers!

    For some considerable time I’ve been toying with the idea of laser vision correction. The idea of being able to fix my eyesight on a more permanant basis than glasses appeals greatly. However the idea of the treatment itself is a little scary. 

  • Eastleigh’s new facilities

    It’s been a long time coming, but at long last Eastleigh has its Cinema.

  • Dan’s top tip #1

    Today I had a realisation, something I wish I’d thought to do a long time ago would of come in handy today. Now maybe it’s obvious and I am the odd one out. But just in case I thought I’d start what might become a series of Dan’s top tips

  • Agile is..doing only as much as you need

    This weekend I discovered what I consider to be a massive design flaw in my Mazda3. The problem that lead to this discovery is actually something that has happened a few times, and I believed it to be an electrical fault. I was happier in that belief.

  • That’s exactly what I intended to do….honest.

    The more I turn, the more I notice I have two modes of operation for producing items. The first mode is the considered approach I know I should take. I sketch some designs in my makers notebook, think about my plan, consider the order to do things in. Then I go to the garage and…

  • Cleaning the garage

    Tidying my workshop/garage has been the task of the last week. It’s been a much bigger task than I first thought. As of now I’ve done a first pass down the ‘main half’ of the garage

  • Weekend in France

    Last weekend I went to France for my brother’s stag weekend. Nine guys in a few gites, loads of booze and some silly games – it made for a pretty entertaining weekend.