With Frickin’ Lasers…Part 5 one year on

A little over a year ago, I had laser eye surgery. Which I wrote a fairly bow by blow account of at the time.
Today I thought I’d just write a quick update, one year on. There isn’t really much to say, after the event itself, I spent 2 weeks having to do eye drops 4 times a day, and sleep in annoying eye protectors, but that was annoying rather than uncomfortable or painful.
I had a few check ups, at intervals and the last was around Christmas time. Each time showing my vision had settled out at a little better than 20:20.

I’ve had no problems and no regrets, it’s been really nice to not need glasses, and I quite enjoy having a couple of pairs of cheap sunglasses which I can use during the sunny summer months and not have to be careful with expensive prescription ones etc.

Possibly the only little thing I’ve had to get used to is that my near focus doesn’t go quite as near as it used to (after all that’s what short sighted *means*) For a few weeks I would bring a book up close to my face, and find I needed to pull it back an inch or so from where I was used to resting it.

There were a couple of other times where I remember being aware of the difference. The first time I went swimming, and could see everything clearly. And the first time I walked to my car in the rain, got in and realised I didn’t need to wipe rain drops off my glasses before I could see to drive.

So there you go, I just wanted to post an update to say that no mysterious complications arose, no catch yet found. Just great vision for what was a very brief period of discomfort.

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